The addition of a different Warcraft character


Three pre-purchase options are offered for Mercenaries currently Three pre-purchase options are available: the Diablo bundle, which comes with the Diamond Legendary Diablo and 50 Mercenaries packs for $50 The Lich King bundle which includes Diamond Legendary Lich King and 50 Mercenaries packs for $50 and the Sylvanas bundle which includes a golden legendary Sylvanas along with 30 packs that cost $30.

The addition of a different Warcraft character to Hearthstone could also indicate that Blizzard is now more open to try new crossovers and experiments with its other popular franchises. So we may see other characters appearing as Mercenaries in the near future for example, Kerrigan from Starcraft or the new name they’ll give McCree of Diablo. The name change is scheduled in the wake of an ongoing sexual harassment case brought from the State of California and has become a major concern upon recent Activision Blizzard developments and led the studio to pull its announced reveal stream for the current Hearthstone expansion.

Auto-gold pick-up was initially introduced to help out players who were using a controller. Blizzard quickly realized that the feature could help relieve physical stress without impacting the game’s core experience. Another feature that was added to the game was to disable miss text the ability to give visual feedback when a player’s attack missed while reinforcing the RPG element of the game.

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