The biggest alteration in Madden NFL 23 comes with the addition of FieldSense


Madden NFL 23 was recently made public as the newest installment within EA Sports’American football simulation series. In advance of the launch in August I was invited to test the Madden NFL 23 closed beta and experience a preview of the changes in-store.
The biggest alteration in Madden NFL 23 comes with the addition of FieldSense, a new way of Madden 23 coins playing that could bring a much-needed refresh to gameplay. Even though my time in the Closed Beta was limited on Play Now and Online Head to Head, it was fun to spend a significant amount of time exploring the changes in the new system.

What stood out to me was the tackling animations. After spending enough time in Madden NFL 22 you would have likely seen the majority (if not all) of the tackling-related animations that the game could provide many times over. While playing Madden NFL 23 the tackles were much more lively and players were able to help tackles in progress, as well as animations being interrupted by more contact. There was one incident where the running back was in being pushed around by one my defensive backs, and an offensive lineman stepped in and punched the back off before he could finish shoving the DB down.

The animations with branches also suggest that anything can happen prior to the whistle goes off. Playing with the Ravens I was playing around and playing Lamar Jackson when he was hit by one of the cornerbacks. When he was on his route to the ground an inside linebacker appeared and was able to get in on the tackle. The force added to the attack was enough to release the ball from Jackson’s hands just before he hit the grass , leading to an offside.

When playing as a ball-carrier in a game, players are prompted to press a button as fast as they can so that they can potentially break out of a tackle after contact has been initiated. The capacity to break free depends on the strength of the ball-carrier and the defensive player. Other players joining in to assist the tackle are able to stop the player from breaking. These possibilities of branching encourage players to keep playing until the game is concluded, rather than waiting until an animation occurs.

Another major aspect of FieldSense comes in what the developers call Skill-Based passing. When passing the ball, players will now hold the receiver button in order to gauge the quality of the pass and this is represented with a meter after the start of the pass. When the ball is released the player may then use the left hand to move the ball’s positioning within an enclosed area. This allows you to position a ball within a tight window, over the shoulder of a receiver or anywhere that the defense cannot reach.

The fascinating thing about Skill-Based Passing is that it makes even the most ill-advised of throws complete. Even when a defender is under intense pursuit or being double-covered, putting the ball in the proper spot will lead to a successful completion. It can certainly inspire players to try new things in the passing game but not without consequence.

Madden NFL 23 allows DBs by providing more in-air blocks and knockouts. If I wasn’t throwing to an outstanding receiver, a substantial number of catches were broken up before the receiver could reach their feet to the ground. I noticed that this lead to a number of tips on interceptions whenever there was a second defense near by.

Madden NFL’s Closed Beta provides us with our first glimpse into FieldSense and it shows promise for long-standing concerns surrounding the game’s reliance on animations. But, of course, we’ll need for a while until complete game is out to determine whether the cheap madden 23 coins core modes provide an experience that is unique. Stick with Shacknews for more Madden NFL 23 coverage in the future

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