The Most Downloaded PlayStation Games of 2021 Emphasize Sports Games That Are Not Niche


There are a variety of genres of gaming that are available at different levels of popularity. Athletes can choose from racing games or action games, fans of music will find plenty choices of rhythm game to choose from, and those who are looking for adventure can play different adventures. Certain games are geared towards people who are introverts and prefer to play alone, while other games are more of a social in nature that brings gamers from all over the world.

Many people may find the concept of video games about sports to be a bit odd however, they are still dominating the charts for sales, and 2021 will be no exception. Last year, PlayStation’s top 20 most downloaded games chart was stuffed with a variety of sporting games, as is the norm every year. Due to the pandemic that is causing people to stay indoors and disrupting many sporting tournaments Many people are turning to video games in order to get their sporting fix.

The Numbers Don’t Refuse to Lie

In the PS5. Sports games dominate the USA as well as Canada. NBA 2K22 is the most popular position, while Madden nfl 23 is in fourth spot. MLB The Show 21 appears in eighth place, FIFA 22 shows up in the 12th spot, NBA 2k21 takes fifteenth place, and FIFA 21 slips to seventeenth position. That means sports games take over 30% from the Top 20 charts. This chart in the European chart is also crowded with sports games, although the chart is not dominated by NBA 2K22 taking the top position, FIFA 22 does. Other sports games on the list include FIFA 21. F1 2021. and NBA 2K22.

The PS4 charts show the same picture. In the USA and Canada the game that sports is not the most popular place (that honour is given to Grand Theft Auto 5). However, many sporting games remain. NBA 2K22 is the fourth most downloaded PS4 game in 2021. and Madden nfl 23 was the game that is downloaded the most. NBA 2K21 ranks seventh place. MLB The Show 21 takes the ninth spot, FIFA 22 takes thirteenth place, and UFC 4 is at sixteenth place. It is the European chart is also flooded with sports games. FIFA 22 is in the top position. FIFA 21. NBA 2K21. and eFootball Pro Evolution 2021 will be featured.

The success of these sports games shouldn’t be at with suspicion, especially when they compete with highly popular games like Minecraft, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Resident Evil Village, and more. This means that people buy many sports games, and while some may not understand the appeal of this genre, there are plenty of people who do.

The Future of Sports Games

While sports are enjoying a fruitful present but their futures don’t appear to be equally bright. The FIFA series that was developed by EA is popular thanks to its use of the FIFA brand. However, in 2021. FIFA, the association for football FIFA asked for one billion dollars for each of the four years the license is employed. In response, EA released a public statement outlining the fact that it is “exploring the possibility of renaming the global EA SPORTS football matches.” However, the license has been extended to the end of 2022. It is unclear how long the agreement will last.

eFootball PES has been rebranded as eFootball and is now a game that can be played for free. However, the initial game from the series”eFootball 2022. was widely condemned by both gamers and critics alike. A majority of the complaints were focused on the games’ poor graphics and numerous glitches. The future will determine if Konami will be able bring back the good name of the series.

An old name might make a return and share the charts with the mentioned sports games in the near future, as EA has declared that it will be bringing college football games again. EA had previously owned its NCAA Football Series, but it was brought to a end after NCAA Football 14 when the NCAA and EA were brought to court over the non-paying use of player likenesses. According to EA its website, the brand new games for college football will contain a wealth of contents, comprising “more than 100 institutions featuring the logosof the stadiums, stadiums uniforms, game-day traditions , and more.”

The 2021 download charts of PlayStation show that sports are equally popular in the gaming world that they would be in actual. The games let anyone regardless of physical condition to believe briefly that they are a top-of-the-line sportsperson who performs flawlessly and this can be addictive. Even though sports games come with many issues to navigate through, it seems like their appeal is not going to go away anytime soon.

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