The most expensive sets of armour in RuneScape


Armour sets found in OSRS Gold are made to safeguard the player , and may help to develop skills faster. There are many kinds of armour to choose from in the game. There are PvP, Hybrid, Power, Tank and all types of armor. Each type comes with an array of different armor styles. However, some armor sets are extremely expensive and you’ll need to shell out a lot of money to get these. Let me introduce you to the most high-priced armour pieces.

First armour is referred to as a”third-age-style prayer” set. It is a set from the past that includes a druidic robe from the Third Age, wreath staff, cloak and the top of the robe. The total price for this set is approximately 2.670.00.000 RS gold. There are some who say that this set could cost more. However, only a huge sum of money to purchase this armour set will not allow you to wear it so effortlessly. It’s necessary to attain a level 65 level in your defence and prayer in order to wear it.

A full helmet for Third-age that includes platebody, platelegs, platebody and an armored kiteshield together can form another expensive armor set, called Third-age melee. The price of the entire set is 834.270.000 RS gold. This set is well known for being one of the most rare and expensive armor sets available. Contrary to the Third-age prayer setting to wear a Third age melee set you do not need to achieve a higher level in prayer skill. The only thing you need to master is defence. should be at the level of 65. However, players put on this armor not because they are extremely good or anything in order to show they are really rich.
You know how much can an armour set cost. To earn so much money for a rare armour set it will take a lot of time. If you’re considering purchasing a high-end armour set take note that it might be a good investment. In time, you’ll be capable of selling it at a higher price.

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