The players will take on the horrors


A month in September instead will see the arrival of two significant updates. The first will be a set of significant technical changes to the backend that will set the stage for the second one, which will include some of the latest improvement in the quality of life that was recently introduced within South Korea. For instance, it will include the Global Chat Room will be included, with improved communication between servers , including interacting with players from various servers within Strongholds and the possibility to add friends from different servers, more effective PvP settings, upgraded guild systems and enhanced controller support.

In addition to this, the Machinist will be available in September, a new subclass equipped with machine guns, laser weapons and drones equipped to detonate or burn, and eliminate any threat. If the standard drone and weapon attacks aren’t enough to take down targets the Machinist is able to activate the Hypersync capability. Energy is a core that can be charged using attacks and energy can be used by skills. Machinists join Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist as well as Sharpshooter as the fifth class of Gunners .

Finally, the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid will also be released . The players will take on the horrors that is The Midnight Circus as they fight against members of the Mayhem Legion and the commander of the legion, Kakul-Saydon. In contrast to Valtan and Vykas, Kakul-Saydon is an all-four-player Legion Raid with three gates and comes with an array of innovative features, abilities and mechanics. Regular difficulty is a requirement for an ILV 1475. A simpler version of the raid, dubbed Midnight Circus: Rehearsal, is a challenge for players who have an ilvl of 1385.

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