The right side of the map is the OSRS


Everyone should know this spot, just north of the OSRS gold farmer is letting all of his chickens , and cows unattended and ready for slaughter. In the beginning, I would recommend killing entirely chickens due to their weak defense. Any ammunition is fine but iron knives would be the most efficient. Around the level of 10 or it is time to make the shift into the cows pen to the east. They’re a little tougher than chickens and provide more XP. Avoid picking up the hides, burying the bones or collecting archers here. You want to be in and out as quickly as possible here.

Level 25 – 50: Sand Crabs or Rock Crabs

Left is where you could practice at if not interested in cannoning for early Ranged XP. It is situated south towards Zeah which is also a sought-after training site because of its AFK style. At your current Ranged level you wouldn’t need to find a place with three sand crabs since you wouldn’t kill them fast enough to make a difference so 2 is fine, an Dorgeshuun crossbow equipped with bone bolts is fine at either of these locations. Do not pick up any bolts that have fallen.
The right side of the map is the classic training zone that receives less attention in recent times due to sand crabs as well as ammonite crabs. Nevertheless, it’s quicker than both of them if sufficient effort is put in. It is possible to cannon here, and , either with your main character or as an alt character, go through and kill all the rock crabsand gain huge levels of XP. It’s recommended to use two accounts at once for this, along with adding stamina potions as well as weight reducing armor on the account that is playing around.

Level 50-75: Ammonite Crabs

Then, on Fossil Island (requiring Bone Voyage quest to get to) you can find ammonite crabs. These have twice the HP of sand crabs and they have no defence in any way. Similar to the AFK nature of sand crabs, you will agro the ammonite crabs while they auto-retaliate for 10 minutes until they become not aggressive. Then you move away and repeat the action. It is advised to use mithril darts as well as an Ava’s accumulator. The number of darts required will depend on how often you are using ranged potions as well as the equipment you use however they’re extremely affordable and shouldn’t run more than the range of a few hundred thousand GP. You should be upgrading your armor at 10 level intervals when you gain access to the next level of gear. If you already have Void equipment or don’t mind the grind, that might be the ideal armor to train using if you’ve got the 42 Defence requirement. The cannon will not be used in this situation.

Level 75 – 99: Chinchompas

Above are those Monkey Madness I tunnels where you’d have to go to the chin if an account with a 1 Defence account, or you haven’t reached the level that you did in Monkey Madness II where you are able to access the tunnels. It is here that you have decide on which amount that you are willing to spend to train your ranged. If you have an unlimited amount of money, I’d recommend chinning to 99 with no hesitation since the advantages are immense. However, if you’d have to liquidate your entire bank in order to reach 99. I’d suggest against doing so. It’s the most fast Ranged XP in the game which is why it’s quite expensive. Using chinchompas in the Monkey Madness II tunnels is more GP/XP efficient than Monkey Madness I, due to the higher level of HP and quantity of monsters that you can to eliminate and the prayer potion that drops. At the present time, it’s recommended to use red chinchompas than black. it is recommended to cheap OSRS GP using the short fuse attack style.

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