The workouts do not count toward the five-week requirement MT 2K23


The workouts do not count toward the five-week requirement MT 2K23. It’s an easy workout and players just need to move their cursors in specific directions fast enough to earn 16 points which earns them a 3-star completion.

How do you unlock Spawn Points in NBA 2K23

The next-gen version of NBA 2K23 has 7 spawn points that players can obtain after completing a side quest that requires them to run around the city. The latest features, playable spaces, and game mechanics of NBA 2K23 provide players with an array of fun gameplay choices.

There are a few differences between the new-gen console and the current-gen version of the game, with the largest being the inclusion of the City in the latest systems. Players on older gaming systems will be playing in the Neighborhood as well as on the Cancha Del Mar Cruise Ship instead of roaming around the City.

The City offers a large game area that players can take their time exploring. The City is a new area that offers chances for players to interact with NPCs or do side quests, or possibly upgrade their penthouse over the City. In the event of the opening of a large, open-world area such as the City It is also the need to unlock the spawn points. This will enable an easier navigation process and quicker completion.

Players can use Spawning points to begin activities in a specific region of the city. The potential to unlock them begin once the side quest Unlock Spawn Point becomes available. There are 7 spawn points to choose from.

All of the points of spawn are released at the same time the side quest has been completed. Players must run a set distance across the city for the quest. Setting the spawn point can be done using the City map by choosing the desired spawn location and then confirming it.

In the Unlock Spawn Points side quest is provided by ATM the NPC in the City. The quest requires participants to walk 26.2 miles. This must be done on foot. Using the BMX skateboard, skateboard and rollerblades do not contribute to the total distance the player has travelled. Also, the participant must be running instead of walking. The quest’s tracking will show an indicator of progress on the left side of the screen so that the player can track how far they’ve travelled.
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