There is a lot of debate on this question


With the WoW Token, Blizzard looked to take on the gold-sellers in their own game. It was also offering players who were committed to the MMORPG and already had plenty in-game gold an opportunity to stay subscribed to the game for the cost of. This WoW Token can be found only only in Shadowlands. It is not available it in WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic although it’s available on versions of the Chinese version of those games, leading some gamers to believe that it’s only something to be expected when it’s made available to all players.

Now, years after the tokens’ launch, players are discovering that gold can be used to purchase almost anything in the game. Although players don’t purchase new items to boost stats or character development from Blizzard directly, purchasing and selling WoW Tokens does give players who have a lot of gold the power to buy, albeit in a roundabout way. From costly new ranks of powerful legendary items in addition to “carry runs” of experienced players who take you through rated Arenas, high-level Mythic + dungeons or higher difficulty raids that give players the most valuable items to use in the game, it’s all for sale in exchange for gold.

There is a lot of debate on this question, and it all is dependent on each player’s interpretation. There are those who believe that even though players are able to purchase better equipment by using gold or to allow players to carry them through the toughest content of the game, it’s still not making those buying tokens more or less proficient players. Some argue that having the option to spend money for any kind of benefit that isn’t cosmetics-related is explicitly pay-to win, even if it’s obscured by the extra step of needing to use the gold to purchase other players enhancements, not Blizzard directly.

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