They were depositing the bonus into an online crypto wallet on behalf of the QB


The moment that Lawrence joined Mut 23 Coins they announced their endorsement agreement in the form of a press release. The press release referred to the money they were paying Lawrence as an “signing bonus,” likely as a method of sounding like a sportsperson, claiming they were depositing the bonus into an online crypto wallet on behalf of the QB.”This partnership marks the first endorsement deal ever in which a substantial signing bonus has been paid entirely in cryptocurrency. The bonus was deposited directly into the player’s Blockfolio account, and comprised Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana.”

There’s not a thing called”signing bonuses” or “signing bonus” in the context of an endorsement contract. It’s simply the endorsement contract. After you sign it, you get paid money — or in the case of Lawrence it’s crypto. Although the term used in sports is relatively harmless but it’s in this instance that things started to get a little confusing. After the Blockfolio press release, USA Today aggregated the news , and that’s where the confusion began.
Last week Kyler Murray was named one of the Madden NFL 23’s highest-paid quarterbacks when he inked the five-year, $230 million contract. This was a show of confidence, a display of faith and confidence, a clear proof to the Cardinals believed that Buy Mut 23 Coins Murray was going to lead their franchise into the future. After a few days the whole thing is gonebeing replaced by a worrying and frankly offensive warning to the contract.

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