This will be discussed in the lead-up to the final fight


Shalamyne and that had turned weapons into Kingsmourne. WoTLK Gold is involved in the battle with Anduin to a large way as players find themselves at one moment confronting the specter known as Remnant of the Fallen King, which appears much like the previous Lich King and makes use of several of his legendary abilities.

Characters such as Jaina and Sylvanas consider what is left of Arthas and look back on his legacy with Sylvanas commenting that she once wanted to kill and hunted Arthas and then be an animal as he was. Then, she dismisses the spirit of the man, calling for the name of Arthas Menethil’s memory to be erased.

Even when you consider that fans aren’t clear on the significance Arthas had to play in relation to Anduin’s evil transformation to begin with and also, there is a lot of disagreement on the significance of a character of World of Warcraft ‘s history being shoehorned into the cinematic as an empty blue orb later to be dismissed most likely never to ever again. Arthas had a powerful send off back with Wrath of the Lich King but this film isn’t doing justice to the character as many fans believe he is due. There’s also some confusion over Anduin’s victory over Domination magic and has long been called an unstoppable force. Do you think Anduin simply gain the power to break free after having a vision of his father and friend? or did Varok and Varian assist him in a concrete way? This will be discussed in the lead-up to the final fight with Jailer, but there are still fans wondering.

As players battle the Jailer next week, they’ll remain in the dark in regards to possible story revelations as well as boss-specific mechanics. Blizzard has made the unusual decision of breaking up the final quest of Shadowlands in two parts as well as not making the final three bosses available for players to test on the game’s publicly-available test realm. That, combined with the fact that a brand new WoW expansion has yet to be announced, means the final movie at the conclusion of the quest will reveal, both for how the Jailer will be dealt with as well as what’s to come with regard to the buy WoTLK Gold universe. The three bosses that make up the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid begin unlocking on the 8th of March.

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