Three players who are in the Hall of Fame


All in all, Fitzpatrick earned an astonishing Mut 23 Coins during his 17 years during the Madden NFL 23. On the surface that might not sound like much in a world where $100M contracts are now the normal, but when you look at the amount Fitzpatrick made in comparison to Madden NFL 23 greats of his era, the man was the king of his time.

Three players who are in the Hall of Fame, one who was on the way — all of them made less, or slightly more than a guy who, in a way had to take lesser hits, sacrifice his body less, and remain on the bench more than the other three combined.

It’s flip to try and make this all about dollar or cents, but it’s remarkable just how brilliant Fitz was at creating magic on the field. He was quite good too. It’s not a secret that the fact is that he didn’t win games. In fact it was 59-87-1 when he was the starter, but you’re surprised he lost this much due to the cult of Fitzpatrick made him feel like a winner, even if he wasn’t .

In 2009 he took over in 2009 for Trent Edwards and Brian Brohm in Buffalo the two players teamed with a 2-6 record before Fitzpatrick assumed the role, finished 4-4 and was a hero. The next year he went 4-9 as a starter and was still awarded the 6-year, $59 million contact based on the impression that he was winning.

The same thing happened in Cheap Mut 23 Coins. One great season in 2014 with the Texans brought the Jets to forget about his past poor seasons. They gave Fitzpatrick an initial signing bonus of $10 million and believing that he was their next big thing at the age of 33.

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