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Rivern Frostwind is the primary NPC and quest giver for the Wintersaber Trainers, and he will also sell you the Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber, once you hit Exalted reputation. He lives on top of a hill at 49.8 // 9.8: world of warcraft classic gold
Rivern Frostwind – Wintersaber TrainersRivern Frostwind – Winterspring Frostsaber Vendor
Neutral to 1500/3000

The reputation for the Wintersaber Trainers can only be increased with 3 different repeatable quests. At this point, only one of those quests is available:

Quest: Frostsaber Provisions
Objective: Collect 5x Shardtooth Meat & 5x Chillwind Meat
Reward: 50 Reputation

You can find the beasts that drop these meats in the plains just south-east of Rivern. If you want to get to Exalted with only this quest, you will need to complete it 420 times.
1500/3000 to Exalted

Once you hit 1500 out of 3000 reputation with the second quest will become available. This quest is great because you can easily combine it with the Timbermaw Hold reputation grind. See the Timbermaw Hold guide for accurate locations for these monsters.

Quest: Winterfall Intrusion
Objective: Kill 5x Winterfall Shaman & 5x Winterfall Ursa
Reward: 50 Reputation

Honored to Exalted

Upon hitting honored reputation, you are about halfway towards your Winterspring Frostsaber! Another quest, this time elite, is available now:

Quest: Rampaging Giants
Objective: Kill 4x Frostmaul Giant & 4x Frostmaul Preserver
Reward: 50 Reputation

These giants can be found in the south, just north of the entrance to Darkwhisper Gorge. One big advantage of this quest is that the giants can drop the Recipe: Greater Frost Protection Potion. This Recipe will become more expensive and will be farmed more once Naxxramas and Phase 6 hit.
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