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Darkmeyer is the capital of Morytania, located in the Sanguinesti area north of Meiyerditch. It is inhabited by vampires and is ruled by Lowerniel Drakan, his sister Vanescula Drakan and brother Ranis Drakan.

Darkmeyer and Meiyerditch seem to be twin cities. Darkmeyer forms the northern half of the area, and Meiyerditch forms the southern half. Most of the blood of vampire residents comes from tithes in Meiyerditch, a slum near the slum.

To complete the task, you must complete the sins of the Father God to reach the city, and you must always wear a set of noble old-style clothing to use its functions. Start your game with plenty of Runescape Gold. It can be accessed by climbing into a hole in the northeast of Meiyerditch, or it can be teleported to a medal for the use of Drakan. After Vanescula Drakan enchants it in Darkmeyer’s Branches, the medal can be used. The teleportation will put one into the botanical garden.

Unable to destroy the tree, the vampire sealed it in the old botanical garden in Efalitay, and the Drakens ordered that no one enter the building. During this period, the Unicorn Archbishop and his followers also began to create protective measures for the tomb of the Holy Sepulchre to prevent vampires from acquiring the secrets and treasures in it.

In recent years, due to overpopulation, vampires are now facing a crisis of blood shortage, forcing them to find alternative ways to obtain blood, such as werewolves trying to cross Salve to kidnap humans, and Damien Leucurte caused the Sleeper Plague Slepe citizens, from them More blood.

This crisis, and the continued absence of Lowerniel, caused Vanescula Drakan to betray her brother. She soon proposed a plan to overthrow him by allying with Myreque, a resistance group trying to liberate Morytania. She provided them with weapons that infiltrated Darkmeyer and entered the Blisterwood tree to make weapons against Lowerneel. She pretended to take them into prisoners and took them to Drakan Castle.

However, Lowerniel easily saw her sister’s lie, killed her servant and subdued her, and killed the remaining half of the Myreque members.

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