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The fight against Noth consists of two major mechanics. The raid will have to handle Skeleton adds during the fight, which will need to be tanked by off tanks.In addition, Druids and Mages are required for their unique abilities to decurse. Buy classic wow gold

Noth will cast Curse of the Plaguebringer periodically, which, if not removed by Druids or Mages within 10 seconds, will turn into Wrath of the Plaguebringer, which is not removable and deals massive nature damage and spreads to other players.
Summon Skeletons will summon Plagued Warriors from the bone piles around the room. This happens every 30 seconds throughout the fight, and they need to be picked up by tanks and dealt with. The Warriors have a Cleave and need to face away from the raid.
After certain time intervals, the Plaguebringer will teleport to his balcony and summon additional adds. Whenever he comes back down, he comes with a Cripple debuff, which needs to be dispelled on the MT, so he can pick the boss up again. The aggro will also reset every time he comes back down.
After 90 seconds, Noth will teleport away and summon 2 Waves of Plagued Champions, which have a dangerous Mortal Strike. Healers need to top up the tanks that pick these up. Once they are dead, Noth will come back down.
110 seconds after he first teleported away, Noth will do it again and Summon 1 Wave of Plagued Champions and 1 Wave of Plagued Guardans. The Guardians have an Arcane Explosion and need to be stunned as quick as possible by Rogues and Warriors. He comes back down once they are dead.
After another 180 seconds, Noth will teleport up a third time, and summon 2 Waves of Plagues Guardians this time. After they are killed, Noth will return.

Noth the Plaguebringer – Naxxramas Boss GuideNoth the Plaguebringer Boss Guide
Heigan the Unclean

Heigan the Unclean is one of the most famous encounters in Naxxramas. There are 2 Phases to this fight, and it will alternate between them until Heigan is dead.

Throughout the whole fight, Priests, Paladins and Shamans will need to remove the disease Decrepid Fever, which he will cast on nearly all melee players.
Any Mana users will be targetable by Heigans Mana Burn, which is a short range ability that drains Mana and deals damage to any Mana class. This is why mana classes need to stand on the platform, out of range of Heigan during Phase 1.
Heigan will occasionally teleport a group of players into the so-called Eye Stalk room. These players will need to fight their way out of there.

Phase 1 – Positioning

During Phase 1, Heigan will be on the ground floor, melee are damaging him while casters are standing on his platform. This phase lasts for 90 seconds.
Phase 2 – Heigan Dance

After 90 seconds, when Phase 1 ends, Heigan will teleport onto his platfowm and start Casting Eruption, which is usually refered to as the “Heigan Dance”. Three of the four areas of the room will be erupting with deadly slime. The free area moves one over ever time it erupts, and so the whole raid will need to move with the eruption for the 45 seconds that this phase lasts.
Heigan the Unclean Boss GuideHeigan the Unclean Boss Guide
Loatheb – Naxxramas Boss Guide

Loatheb is a very unique encounter, especially for healers. There is a constant debuff during the fight, preventing any healers to cast more than one healing spell every 60 seconds.
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