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The OSRS Sheep Herder has no skill and quest requirements, the quest itself is not very long and it is easy to complete. During the OSRS Sheep Herder quest, you will find out that some of the sheep & rs gold in Ardougne have been infected with a plague. You will have to separate the sick sheep from the herd and kill them.

Then you will have to dispose of their remains to prevent the plague from spreading to the town. The people of Ardougne are counting on you to save them from the plague. Can you prove yourself as a hero by completing this very important task?

Items Needed

For the OSRS Sheep Herder quest, you will need to have 100 coins and maybe a few energy and stamina potions.
East Ardougne

To start this OSRS Sheep Herder quest you must go to East Ardougne and talk to Councillor Halgrive located in the graveyard directly south of the church. He will tell you that a plague has spread across Western Ardougne and that four sheep have escaped from a local farm, causing a threat to the health and safety of the public.

Councillor Halgrive will tell you that he needs someone to herd the sheep into a safe place, where to kill them, and quickly dispose of the remains. Agree to help him and he will tell you that you will need some kind of protective clothing. Now you have to find Doctor Orbon who can give you a protective suit.

Halgrive will say that you can find Doctor Orbon in the chapel north of here. He will give you poisoned sheep feed because he believes that this way you will minimize the risk of airborne contamination, and it is more humane to the sheep.

Go inside the church and talk to Doctor Orbon and he will sell you the protective clothing for 100 coins. Agree to pay for the suit, and you should receive a plague jacket and plague trousers. Equip them, exit the church, follow the path west of the church, and run to the north.
Rewards For Completing The OSRS Sheep Herder Quest

4 Quest points
3,100 coins
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