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Foreword: The news that the World of Warcraft classic game NAXX will open on December 3 has made players jump for joy, and they are all waiting for the last copy of World of Warcraft classic to arrive. While cheering and jumping for joy, some careful players found that the opening date of NAXX coincided with the previously revealed news, and the previously revealed subsequent content of the classic game also included the news of the TBC version, so the opening date of the TBC version has once again become a hot topic of discussion among players.

Reveal news coincides with Blizzard announcement

In early September, a player named “Nano” revealed the opening time of the World of Warcraft Classic NAXX and the testing time of the TBC version. According to the player, the NAXX will open at the beginning of December, while the TBC version will open for testing in March-April 2012, which caused an uproar when the news was announced. Naturally, the news would not have caused a stir if it had been released by an ordinary player, but it was noticed because the player was not an ordinary player.

Nano used to be a core member of the N-Server, and Blizzard had a lot of cooperation with the N-Server when they developed World of Warcraft Classic, so players like Nano have full access to Blizzard insiders. Since they are accessible, it is not surprising that Nano has access to inside information.

Of course, even though Nano is a core member of the N-Server and has repeatedly emphasized that the news is true and credible, players were skeptical of the news, as Blizzard didn’t release any information about the follow-up content of World of Warcraft Classic at that time. It wasn’t until early this morning when Blizzard announced the NAXX opening date that it dawned on players that it was exactly the same as Nano’s previous announcement.

Since the news between the NAXX opening and the Nano reveal coincide, it’s equally likely that the Nano reveal of the TBC version is true.

Blizzard will also hold a Blizzard Carnival in February next year, when the TBC version of World of Warcraft Classic will be announced, as a way to attract players, and the announcement will be followed by a January-February period of open beta testing, a few months of testing, and then the official opening in August is obviously a very good choice. By the way, if you want to become a core player in the World of Warcraft classic game, the importance of WoW gold classic is obvious, here we recommend you to buy wow classic gold for sale from WOWclassicgp website, this will make you succeed easily in World of Warcraft Classic.
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