We’re extremely aware about the reality


This summer at Comic-Con, Jones showed off a mood piece from World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft movie, however, the video hasn’t been released publicly. We’ve seen images of the set of the movie however, that’s all we’ve seen until now. Then, Tull offered a tease regarding the storyline for World of Warcraft, suggesting that it closely follows two tribes.

“With an outstanding casting, there’s lots of characters to follow, so I’d definitely look at it more closely due to the number of skilled people involved in the project,” he said. “We’re extremely aware about the reality that, in the legends of World of Warcraft, there are two tribes, which is two major things to keep in mind. We believe you’ll be able to take a take a look at both.”

Tull did not provide further details but it’s possible that both groups that he’s talking about could be Orcs or Humans. Jones previously stated that the film would focus on the story of the beginning of the war that took place between Orcs as well as Humans.

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