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Blizzard Has Offered Incentives In the Past

Blizzard is not a stranger when it comes down to providing promotional products in the game World of Warcraft. The game Blizzard has provided the most promotional items in cross-promotion is Hearthstone. Hearthstone is very like Arclight Rumble, presenting a game that the people of Azeroth take part in. In the past, Blizzard has offered different features in the game to provide a way to get players to play Hearthstone and World of Warcraft.

Players who are able to win three games playing in Arena or Play mode in Hearthstone are given the Hearthsteed mount as a reward in World of Warcraft. This mount is a flying mount which can only be accessible by playing Hearthstone. The players who have completed the tutorial of Mercenaries Mode in Hearthstone are given access to the Sarge mount free of cost.

Blizzard has also made available Hearthstone content within certain World of Warcraft subscription tiers and Collectors Editions. It was possible to purchase a 6 month World of Warcraft subscription and be given Hearthstone cards, as well as The Tavern Pass for the current and future Hearthstone expansion. Players who also chose to purchase different World of Warcraft expansion pack digital deluxe editions got themed Hearthstone card backs along with other content from other titles.

Hearthstone isn’t the only title with Warcraft content that was rewarded that were offered to World of Warcraft players. Heroes of the Storm includes several Warcraft characters. The game also had an event that allowed players to unlock two mounts, one to use in World of Warcraft and one for Heroes of the Storm, just through using the game. Players who played a Warcraft character with a companion for 15 matches would receive the Primal Flamesaber mount from World of Warcraft, as well as the Flames of Judgement Charger Mount in Heroes of the Storm.

Arclight Rumble Rewards Could Come in Different Forms

If Blizzard hopes to give World of Warcraft fans a incentive to try Arclight Rumble, it needs to provide incentives similar to those offered by Blizzard. These could take many forms provided they provide World of Warcraft players some form of cosmetic content. Blizzard could lock a toy or a pet behind a specific match count within Arclight Rumble, it could make a special mount that can only be obtained if players attain a certain amount in the PvE game, or even provide the player a unique transmog product named after Arclight Rumble.

Whatever Blizzard decides to provide an item, it must be a bit cautious. It shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain and does not be subject to a paywall. It should also be only cosmetic and themed in the style of Arclight Rumble in some way. If Blizzard will follow in the footsteps of what it did with specific Hearthstone items, there should be no problem. However should Blizzard chooses to make it hard to obtain or cost money The promotion is likely to not have its intended outcome.

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