With the Horde-friendly city Silvermoon near by


The Alliance Route

Alliance players have the option of taking portals for Ironforge, Darnassus, or Stormwind City from Silvermoon However, only Ironforge immediately connects to the flight path that connects to Quel-Danas. Geography nerds understand this is a long route, which is why there’s a teleportation quirk.

The other option open to Alliance users is the flight program located inside Light’s Hope, a settlement created by Argent Dawn within the Eastern Plaguelands. There’s both a Horde as well as an Alliance flight Master available along with the Alliance one allows access to Quel’Danas.

The Horde Route

With the Horde-friendly city Silvermoon near by, this travel is significantly less time-consuming and more convenient for the other factions and, in particular, the Forsaken. Of of course, Lady Sylvanas will have a direct means of transportation to her home city in her present throne chamber in Undercity, which is partly why you can find a Translocation Orb in the ruins out in the open.

The orb leads players to an antechamber behind the throne room, unlike the portal in Shattrath which places players in the front of the room where the throne is. From there it’s a short run to the Flight Master at the front of the door, and directly to Quel’Danas.

The Island is Getting Closer The Island

The quests that players have completed in Shattrath closes here with an NPC on the boat named Archmage Ne’thul. Note the seller next to the archmage who trades the tier sets with tokens that can be found in nearby dungeons.

When they’ve completed the quest players will be able to take on other quests from nearby NPCs from this Shattered Sun Offensive. These include the usual type of daily grind missions to boost reputation levels and gain rewards for factions. There are also a few quests that are related to the brand new dungeons near.

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