WoW Classic is precisely the way


Blizzard has confirmed that the final pressure test to test WoW Classic will be conducted on between July 26 and 27. The test is worldwide, and the intention is to provide Blizzard another chance to play the game at the scale of its release prior to its official release. Versions of WoW Classic made available for the test phase comes with a number of adjustments and fixes. Blizzard reports that testers filed some 17.000 bug reports from the closed beta. The closed beta ends on July 13.

“We believe with the vast majority of WoW Classic enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia that it will be a very good thing for players in this region of the globe to connect to realms which are hosted in the same region of the entire world.” Blizzard said in an announcement. “Planned it for a long time!”

WoW Classic is precisely the way it sounds is the basic game that it was over a decade prior to the release of the Burning Crusade expansion. It is a part of regular WoW. The access the game WoW Classic is available through the standard $15 USD/month WoW subscription price.

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