you should explore with your character dealing cold damage


The OSRS gold Sorceress has always been one of the top builds of magicians in Diablo 2, and even after the change to Hydra this season , there are bound to be plenty of cold damage being scattered around. However, the Ancient Tunnels in Act 2’s Lost City and the Mausoleum in Act 1’s Burial Grounds are the most popular spots for any build attempting to do cold damage.

Six new locations that you should explore with your character dealing cold damage. I’ve included them in my chart below along with the 85-level areas which have been a great choice for farming with cold damage.

These two builds, Amazon and Assassin will likely to get the most benefit from these areas however, there’s a lot of other build types that hand lightning damage. The challenge of farming before patch 2.4 that dealt lightning damage was difficult without the Infinity runeword; that’s changed with some new level 85 zones that have monsters who are weak to lightning.With some notable changes made to Sorceress and Druid capabilities in fire, there will no doubt be many players searching for areas to find using fire damage.

This was a hard sell before patch 2.4, as there was just one spot that you could effectively farm using fire damage. Here’s a look at the places you can go to farm with fire damage now that the patch is introducing new areas.The most well-known player of magic damaging of Diablo 2 is the Hammerdin Paladin.

But it’s notably being brought back by”Buy OSRS gold” the Paladin. Magic damage was already an effective method to get The Pit and the Chaos Sanctuary. Chaos Sanctuary and The Pit in the past, but there’s now many more places to have amusement while looking for the top equipment.

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