You will require ingredients


After you have had a chat with Ronika and she’ll ask for you to take on a task for her. The objective is known as the investigation of Ronika Traces. Take note of all objectives you’re required to complete during the game, you’ll get A blue marker on the map, follow the map and you’ll quickly find it.

Moreover, the object that Ronika wishes you to complete is also visible upon the map. You will have to check a machine that is currently operating. After that, you need to discover a method to stop it and examine the boxes that are stacked there.

When you arrive at the spot Once you have arrived, connect to the module to get a message from Elisa. She will then ask you to get rid of Lost Ark Tarmakum’s Boss in the an area called X-301. The boss of Tarmakum is in the Underground zone, and to get there, you’ll require the Secret Hideout Key.

Additionally, in order to create the key , you will require ingredients. The required materials for crafting the key are Current Coils 30 and Power Batteries 1000. The good news is that these items can be obtained easily from the chest. You’ll need to take on some of the enemies that are in the area. After that you’ll have access to your chest. You can retrieve all the items you need from the chest, and then take these to the Bergstrom’s Detective ( He is NPC). Then , there is your secret hiding place Key to your secret hideout Key will be crafted.

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