Mon. May 16th, 2022

Introduction: With the official launch of World of Warcraft 9.0 getting closer and closer, career adjustments are also being made in the beta, however, in the previous career adjustments, each career was either strengthened or weakened. As more and more changes are made to the weakened ones, players are questioning the direction of the designer’s career adjustment, is the designer playing a game again?

The last two rounds of adjustments have weakened almost all professions

It’s normal for World of Warcraft to adjust professions between new versions, but frequent adjustments like 9.0 are rare, especially when it comes to large-scale weakening of all professions. “. The latest changes are only reinforced for the augmentations, and that’s because World of Warcraft’s new designer, “Big Viking,” is a shaman player.

It is reasonable to say that weakening powerful professions should be accompanied by strengthening weak professions, such as the Demon Hunter profession, Revenge Specialization in the 9.0 version of the beta is very strong, in the Great Mystery has been dominant, while the Havoc Specialization whether the mechanism or damage are lackluster, and even once became the weakest melee DPS.

Weakening the Vengeance Specialization is more reasonable, but the designer did not strengthen the Havoc Specialization while weakening the Vengeance Specialization, and even made the DPS of the Havoc Specialization lower due to the weakening of the Covenant skill, so this so-called professional balance adjustment is obviously not satisfying to players, so it’s reasonable for players to question the level of the designer.

Designer’s Set Analysis

Then why did the designers make such unpopular changes? In fact, the designer’s inspiration for adjusting the professions came mainly from the lessons learned at the beginning of the last two versions – it’s better to strengthen than to weaken at the beginning of the new version. Some players may not understand this statement, but it’s very simple.

The real needs of players

Of course, the most desirable outcome for players, whether it’s full career strengthening or full career weakening, is career balance, but with more and more professions and specializations in World of Warcraft, more and more complex gameplay mechanics, and the addition of covenants, orange suits, and spirit guides in 9.0, it’s almost impossible to achieve true career balance, and when choosing their starting professions, players You can only choose a relatively strong one, or choose the one you like best. If you want to buy safe world of warcraft classic gold , I recommend you to read this article guide.
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